Most marketers have heard of a customer journey map, but many have a slightly different definition of what a journey map entails. At Bluespire, we define a journey map as a visual representation of the points of contact a customer/member has with your organization. These maps can help identify pain points, enhancement opportunities for the customer experience and critical communication touchpoints. Here are 5 key benefits of mapping your customer journeys:

  • 1. Clearly Defined Goals and Objectives

    Even before you begin mapping your customer journey, you should take a step back and decide what you want to achieve through the customer journey. Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction, increase products per customer/member, reduce attrition or create more engaged customers/members? Knowing what you want to achieve up-front is the best way to ensure the final customer journey is aligned with your goals.

  • 2. Documented Understanding of the Current State

    As part of the journey mapping process, it is important to understand the different communications and touchpoints that are currently in place. Oftentimes you will hear “well, some bankers send a thank you note, but others do not.” Take this opportunity to evaluate the value and impact of current communications and establish operational consistency across branches, teams and bankers.

  • 3. Opportunity to Resolve Gaps and Issues

    As you document your customer journey, it will become clear where communication gaps exist – and where you have opportunities to improve the customer experience. You should also make sure to engage team members from your service or call center to understand the types of questions and information customers/member are requesting from them. Then, as you develop new communications to support the customer journey, you can proactively address these issues and reduce call center volume.

  • 4. Keen Appreciation of Moments of Truth

    Through the customer journey mapping process, it will become evident where your organization needs to improve the customer experience around key moments of truth. A moment of truth is a critical touchpoint for your customer/member – the support and messaging you provide during these key customer/member engagements ensure customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Whether the communication is related to account overdrafts or late payments, or just how to change a password - the mapping process will help to define and enhance these moments.

  • 5. Engaged Employees

    Finally, make sure to engage key stakeholders early and often as you are defining your journey goals and developing the journey maps. This will help ensure organizational alignment and buy-in throughout the process. And, once you have mapped your customer journey, socialize it! Ensure that bankers understand the importance of their role in the process. Whether it’s capturing an email address or mobile phone number when the account is opened – or getting the customer/member set up in Online Banking – bankers are vital in setting the tone for future customer/member engagement.

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